Robert Temel

Poster of the tempo..rar-conference, design: Richard Ferkl 2003
Concept and organisation of the tempo..rar conference on temporary uses in city spaces, with Florian Haydn and Mirko Pogoreutz, following the EU research project Urban Catalyst.

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The conference rambled the city of Vienna in May 2003 with questions concerning the temporary, the flexible, short-term and transitional, and the possibilities of incitement related to the identity of places. Temporary places should be distinguished from temporary uses of that places. The relation berween place and use/users was in focus. Contrary to non-places, these temporary places are projection screens, but they are not empty. The screen projected onto already contains information – one could imagine that it consists of photosensitive material were all projections leave their traces during time.

Mail distribution center in Vienna, photo: Nina Dick The intensity and longevity of these traces varies. The question arises what actions are able to leave long-term traces and how these traces come into the minds of the city users so that new action networks can develop.
The tempo..rar project was searching for venues in vacant buildings just like a temporary user. The conference took place on four days with different topics and participants (owners, city and regional planners, cultural theorists, city administration, artists, architects, event organizers, sociologists, landscape planners, curators, etc.).

Speakers at the Fluc venue on Praterstern: Klaus Ronneberger, Georg Schöllhammer, Andreas Spiegl, Barbara Holub, Paul Rajakovics The caravan started at the APA highrise in Vienna's 19th district between the Donaukanal and the underground U4: an empty floor in an otherwise still used office building at the periphery of Vienna which will be tore down in a few years. Then it visited a former mail distribution center in Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus behind the Vienna West train station which is not used anymore and which will also be demolished soon. On the third day, we visited the station restaurant at the Vienna South train station because the planned venue, the so-called “20er Haus” exhibition pavillion, a former world exposition pavillion from Brussels 1956, suddenly wasn't accessible anymore. This pavillion was used as exhibition space by the Museum of Modern Art but was empty since the museum moved into the Museum Quarter in Vienna. Finally, the wandering ended in the Fluc club in Praterstern train station because an empty shop there couldn't be used anymore. The train station will be completely refurbished in a few years, therefore this club is able to get this space for a relatively low rent.

Fragenmatrix der online-Umfrage. | Picture: RT Fragenmatrix der online-Umfrage. | Picture: RT