Robert Temel

Question array of the online survey, realized in Limesurvey. 2013
Evaluation of cooperative planning procedures in Vienna, commissioned by the city of Vienna, Magistratsabteilung 21 – Stadtteilplanung und Flächennutzung (Urban planning and zoning).
(Presentation as a reference project)
Nine cooperative planning procedures from 2011 to 2013 (Knüpfwerk Atzgersdorf, Hauptbahnhof, In der Wiesen Ost, Eislaufverein, Neu-Leopoldau, Ödenburger Straße, Dittelgasse, Scherbangasse, Franzosengraben) were evaluated to develop this sort of procedure for ongoing use. The research design comprised qualitative interviews as well as an online survey of all 160 participants of the nine procedures.
Results are published, they can bei ordered here and downloaded here.

Reihung der Zustimmung zu Partizipation. | Diagram: RT Reihung der Zustimmung zu Partizipation. | Diagram: RT