Robert Temel

Robert Temel is researcher and writer with focus on architecture, urbanism and culture.


Lecture “Das Wiener Wohnbausystem. Aktuelle Tendenzen und kritische Reflexion” (The Vienna housing system. Recent tendencies and critical reflection) at the symposion „Wie Wohnen?“ (How to live?) on 10 March 2017 at Hospitalhof Stuttgart, organized by University üf Stuttgart, Institute of Urban Design.

Lecture “Gemeinschaftliches Wohnen als Beitrag zur Stadt” (Community housing as a contribution to the city) at the symposion on building cooperatives on 20 January 2017 at the plenary hall of the Innsbruck city hall,

Comprehensive article at on “Wohnen in der Leistbarkeitskrise” (Housing in an affordability crisis), citing me several times:

“Mixed use: Is that possible?”: article in Stadtbauwelt 211, 35/2016

Letter to the editor in Falter 39/2016 about the interview with City Councillor for the Environment Ulli Sima (Falter 38/2016), writing in the name of Plattform Baukulturpolitik – Sima criticizes the system of competitions in architecture and landscape architekture (only in German):

In 2008 the Austrian Beirat für Baukultur (advisory board for building culture) was instituted and positioned at the Austrian Chancellary. Now, after a two year break, the second period starts.

Lecture “Mischnutzung. Baugruppen und Quartiershäuser am Wiener Hauptbahnhof” (Mixed use. Cooperative buildings and urban houses at the Vienna Main Station) at the conference Bausteine innovativer Wohnungspolitik (Building blocks of innovative housing policy) on 16 October 2015 at Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum in Cologne.

Lecture Für eine reformistische Kritik (Apology of a reformist critique) at the international ÖGFA conference Kritik oder Krise. Haltung, Verantwortung, Widerspruch in Architektur und Stadtplanung (Critique or Crisis. Position, responsibility, contradiction in architecture and urban planning) on 15 October 2015 7 PM at Wiener Planungswerkstatt, Friedrich-Schmidt-Platz 9, 1010 Vienna.

Radtour Stadtlandschaft Wien-Sd | Photo: GFA Radtour Stadtlandschaft Wien-Sd | Photo: GFA