Robert Temel

Categories Architecture Education

Time December 2012 to March 2013; 3 months

Client City of Vienna, Magistratsabteilung 50, Wohnbauforschung (Housing research)

Partners wohnbund:consult (Raimund Gutmann, Rossana Gutmann)

For several years now, more and more houses are built in Vienna that realize cooperative living. Most of them are partly financed with housing subsidies. This development is relatively new and not well known in public. Especially the differences to the more famous building cooperative projects in Germany are not clear.

These new projects, their predecessors and their historical development shall be presented at the Wohnbaufestwochen (housing festival) as an element of subsidized housing in Vienna to communicate the potentials of building cooperatives.

For the so-called Gemeinschaftswohnbautag (community building day), one of the events of the Wohnbaufestwochen (housing festival) 2013, we developed an exhibition, a building cooperatives fair and a program of presentations and discussions. For the exhibition, all content had to be developed newly since the younger history of cooperative building projects in Austria has been hardly investigated up to now. All Viennese groups currently looking for members were invited to participate in the fair. The program should describe basic aspects of the topic through two lectures. The panel discussion with participants of such projects should give an impression of the everyday routines of project development of and of living in building cooperatives.

On 15 March 2013, the Gemeinschaftswohnbautag (community building day) took place at Architekturzentrum Wien and was visited by hundreds of interested people who wanted to get informed or to find contact to active groups. The exhibition has been shown twice since, additional presentations are planned. The community building day had impact also beyond Vienna, initiatives in many other Austrian provinces refered to this event.

Why is it a reference project?
It is an exemplary education project: the newly developed exhibition, the program, the PR work and the presentation together with concerned people. Exemplary is also the specific approach towards architecture: Issues of planning as well as use were broached, the connection with political and social topics was presented, and the whole presentation was addressed to specialists as well as to a broader, interested public.

Project description


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