Robert Temel

Category Books, editorships and studies

Time June to November 2009; 6 months

Client departure via uma

Partners uma, Martina Fineder

For several years now, commissioned by departure and uma, I develop with partners white papers accompanying departure’s annual calls. At the begin, these calls were discipline-oriented (architecture, art, design), in the meanwhile they deal with cross-section topics (cooperation, sales).

Comprehensive development of the topic as a basis for the call, collection of information, articles and approaches to get a complete picture of possible content for the call and to inspire potential applicants.

In regular meetings, possible topics are discussed and the status of the paper’s content is developed continously. Betweend these meetings, interviews are done, research is carried out, guest authors are contacted, texts are written and pictures collected.

The white paper usually has 70 to 100 pages, is printed and presented online as PDF and made available for potential applicants of the call.

Why is this a reference text?
The white papers are important examples for an intermediary approach to complex topics which are presented easily readable and, on the other hand, still contain all the differentiation and diversity that is necessary for access to the field.

Text description

From 33 project applications, the jury selected 5 winners who received 800.000 Euro funding all together.

Postverteilerzentrum | Foto: Nina Dick Postverteilerzentrum | Foto: Nina Dick