2018–2023 District Service Office Vienna 21/22

I’m part of the team that took over the District Service Office for the districts Floridsdorf and Donaustadt in Vienna, since 2018. Together with Stadtluft (Sabine Gehmayr, Angela Salchegger) Dialog Plus (Peter Kühnberger), Caritas Wien Stadtteilarbeit (Katharina Kirsch-Soriano), Raumposition (René Ziegler).
The projects primarily managed by me are Bildungsmeile Franklinstraße (education mile Franklinstrasse), a project for networking of education institutions in and around the Franklinstraße in Floridsdorf in Vienna, i.e. networking between the institutions and with the urban surroundings. And, Gemeinsam wissen wir mehr (Together we know more), a project for strengthening cooperation and synergies between developers and their consultants in a urban development area (Neu-Leopoldau, Wien-Floridsdorf).