2008 Wohnbaubiennale (Housing Biennial) 2008

Concept of the first Wohnbaubiennale (Housing Biennial) 2008 in Vienna presenting talks on Living and Building Type, with Sabine Pollak and Maja Lorbek, for the Austrian Architectural Society (Österreichische Gesellschaft für Architektur, ÖGFA).

Article related to the Wohnbaubiennale (in German)

The Wohnbaubiennale 2008 presented sustainable developments in housing – from community-oriented models like co-housing and building cooperatives to the influence of demographic changes, new lifestyles and new planning methods on housing. Nine talks by international experts and a final discussion tried to develop the notion of typology: What kinds of apartments and buildings are sustainable, what social, functional and economic types will be of importance today and in the coming years? How do migration, participation, flexibility and new subsidy models influence architectural design?