2006 Through the Night to the Light

Project management and script development for the multimedia movie “Durch die Nacht zum Licht. Die Freimaurer und die Zauberflöte” (Through the Night to the Light. The Freemasons and the Magic Flute) with Jan Assmann for the 2006 anniversary exhibition Mozart. Experiment of Enlightenment in Vienna, curators Herbert Lachmayer, Rosemarie Burgstaller, Reinhard Eisendle, Maren Gröning, contractor of uma GmbH.
In the loggia of Albertina’s “Pfeilerhalle”, in a especially designed stage setting and on a 12 by 3 meter projection screen, a 13-minute movie on Mozart’s Magic Flute was shown, presenting the manyfold relations between this important opera of his, the myth conception of the 18th century and the freemason’s rituals. The basis fpr this was Jan Assmann’s book on the magic flute, he cooperated in the development of the script and commented the movie via voice-over.