2004–2005 Study on Cultural and Scientific Heritage in Austria

Project Management of the feasibility study on the definition, documentation and preservation of the cultural and scientific heritage in Austria, for uma GmbH, commissioned by the Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Culture.
The study shows how the notion of scientific and cultural heritage can be defined pragmatically; how the effectivity of institutions, processes and subsidies in the fields of documentation, processing and conservation could be increased; what measures should be taken in this area, especially in humanities, social and cultural sciences; what groups of sources should be processed primarily; in which research fields an extension could be useful and necessary and in which fields emphasis should be focused on; which measures in archiving and digitalisation are useful; which education should be offered for specialists in documentation, processing and conservation; what research programs on the European level exist in this field and if future programs can be influenced in such a way that they can be used for a Austrian program initiative on cultural and scientific heritage.