2013 Seminar AK Wohnbau 2013/14

Seminar “Ausgewählte Kapitel des Wohnbaus” (Selected aspects of housing) at TU Graz (University of Technology Graz) in Winter semester 2013/14 (with Markus Bogensberger).
Topic of the seminar was Modell Steiermark, a program to increase housing quality in the 1980s in Styria. The students analyzed in 9 groups important housing projects in Graz, each related to Modell Steiermark. They conducted interviews with the architects and other stakeholders, documented the projects in video and in plans and photos and wrote analyses of the projects and the interviews. Each interview is documented in a short video. The students’ expositions are collected in a booklet (in German).
The 9 project videos are accessible via a YouTube channel:
– Alte Poststraße (Szyszkowitz/Kowalski), interviews with Michael Szyszkowitz and Eugen Gross (Werkgruppe Graz)
– Gerlitzgründe Puntigam (Eilfried Huth), interviews with Eilfried Huth and Irmfried Windbichler
– Kernhaussiedlung (Gruppe 3), interviews with Herfried Peyker (Gruppe 3) and Hansjörg Luser (urban development, Graz)
– Esserweg (Croce/Klug), interviews with Ingo Klug and Gunther Hasewend (regional planning administration, Styria)
– Revitalisierung Kielhauser (Martin Strobl), interviews with Martin Strobl and Bernd Schilcher (member of parliament, Styria; Modell Steiermark)
– Studentenheim WIST Wienerstraße (Klaus Kada), interview with Klaus Kada
– Seiersberg (Manfred Wolf-Plottegg), interviews with Manfred Wolf-Plottegg and Hermann Schaller (provincial government, Styria)
– Casa Nostra (Riegler Riewe), interviews with Florian Riegler and Hansjörg Tschom (TU Graz, housing)
– Fasangartengasse (Hubert Rieß), interviews with Hubert Rieß and Siegfried Kristan (housing administration, Styria)