2005–2006 Mozart. Experiment of Enlightenment

Project management for the design of the Multimedia Environments of the Albertina exhibition Mozart. Experiment of Enlightenment in Vienna, curators Herbert Lachmayer, Rosemarie Burgstaller, Reinhard Eisendle, Maren Gröning; for uma GmbH.
The historico-cultural exhibition for the Mozart anniversary 2006 was provided with 13 large-scale plasma screens showing multimedia videos on Mozart’s life, work and environment combining text and visuals in an innovative fashion.
The basic idea was to seamlessly combine real objects and virtual representations, exhibition architecture and multimedia, important art works and digital context information.
In doing so, all visitors of the exhibition should be enabled with an easy access to the comprehensive cosmos of knowledge on Mozart and his time which the curators of the exhibition have developped during several years’ work.
The films related directly to the topics of the exhibition which were presented around the screens. Pictures, graphics, animations and videos complemented and described, sometimes with a wink of an eye, the surrounding objects.
Topics like the rococo gallantery, the Paris salons and the times of Enlightenment, the prodigy myth, the relation to Salzburg and Mozart’s Viennese time were provided in addition to the “material” exhibits.