1998–1999 Feasibility Study A Science Center for Vienna

Project management for the Feasibility Study A Science Center for Vienna commissioned by the Federal Ministry for Science and Transport and the City of Vienna, contractor of uma GmbH.
Objective of this study was the development of a thematic concept and of a space and functional program for the planned Science Center Vienna.
For that purpose, a series of important institutions of informal science education were analyzed. Based on these institutions (Deutsches Museum München, newMetropolis Amsterdam, Cité des Sciences et de’l Industrie La Villette, Exploratorium San Francisco, The Tech San Jose, Museum of Science Boston, Computer Museum Boston, Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem, Garden of Science Rehovot, Isreael National Museum of Science Haifa, Ars Electronica Center Linz, Technisches Museum Wien, Futuroscope Poitiers, DisneyQuest), current trends of methods and technologies of education were described.
The thematic concept contained the following elements:
– A tentative list of topics to be presented in the exhibition;
– The guiding notion of communication as a means to organize exhibitions and programs of the Science Center Vienna to allow for diverse perspectives on the presented topics;
– An educational concept for the exhibitions based on the notion of informal learning;
– And propodals for a future program of the Science Center Vienna which make it possible to react directly to the needs of the diverse target groups.