2016–2017 Editorial Board for Baukulturelle Leitlinien des Bundes

Member of the editorial board for Baukulturelle Leitlinien des Bundes (Guidelines for Building Culture of the Federal Republic, commissioned by the Austrian Federal Chancellery, with Frauke Burgdorff, Sybilla Zech, Elsa Brunner, Gerhard Kopeinig, and final editing.
Contractor for organization and editorial work was Arge Baukultur (Plansinn and Ögut), the editorial board was responsible for the guidelines substance and their effectivity and produced a draft of the guidelines. Afterwards I was responsible for the final editing of the guidelines in close cooperation with the Beirat für Baukultur (advisory board for building culture). The Beirat finally decided upon the guidelines on 28 June 2017, the Austrian council of ministers decided on them on 22 August 2017.