2006 Conference Sites & Subjects. Narrating Heritage

Concept and organisation of the international interdisciplinary conference on future potentials of research in cultural heritage, called Sites & Subjects. Narrating Heritage. The conference took place in September 2006 in Vienna, for uma GmbH. I was member of the program committee (Homi Bhabha, Harvard; Christian Dögl, Vienna; Claudia Haas, Lord London; Robert Temel, Vienna).
Speakers and discussion participantes at the conference were Homi K. Bhabha, Felipe Hernández, Churchill Madikida, Peter Weibel, Claudia Haas, Robert Temel, Monika Mokre, Gail Durbin, Margaret Crawford, Rahul Mehrotra, Ulrike Vedder, HG Merz, Monika Sommer-Sieghart, Elke Krasny, Michael Freund, Adelheid Pichler, Fernand Kreff and Johanna Riegler.

Program booklet