2014 Baukultur Wien. Denk Deine Stadt anders

Cocurator of the exhibition Baukultur Wien. Denk Deine Stadt anders (Building culture Vienna. Think your city differently) in autumn 2014. The exhibition at the Vienna Planungswerkstatt was designed to communicate the program on Baukultur whose core was adopted by the Vienna City Council in spring 2014. In addition to the program itself, the exhibition shows several ways how the city could be different and tries to activate its visitors, e.g. with a photo competition. Besides the show at Planungswerkstatt, there are five satellites, spread over the city, which also belong to the exhibition. At these five venues, several walks – Urban flaneurs, Everyday walks – open up additional perspectives on Baukultur and the cityscape. The exhibition was developed in a big, collaborative process, organized by Volker Dienst.