30.06.2022 Round Table Sonnwendviertel Ost 2: Mixed Use

Thursday 30.06.2022
Topic of the day: Mixed use
14–19 Free tour according to plan
19–20.30 Round table at Grätzelmixer, Bloch-Bauer-Promenade 28, 1100 Vienna

with Peter Hinterkörner | Wien 3420 Aspern Development; Daniela Fiedler | Wohnbund Consult; Christian Peer | TU Wien; Frauke Burgdorff | Stadtbaurätin Aachen; Verena Schmidt | Teleinternetcafe Berlin

A central goal of contemporary urban development is mixed-use neighbourhoods. These should not only consist of housing, but also include workplaces, shopping facilities, cultural and social institutions and leisure activities. In this way, the neighbourhoods become lively and their residents can get by with less traffic.