Robert Temel

Categories Architecture Education

Time March 2010 to December 2011; 22 months

Bundeskanzleramt (Austrian Federal Chancellery) via Plattform Baukultur

s Plattform Baukultur, four mentoring teams (Bernhard Steger; Barbara Feller, Christian Kühn; Volker Dienst, Roland Gruber; Peter Holzer, Renate Hammer, Robert Temel), editorial board

In 2010, the Federal Chancellery commissioned already a second time an Austrian report on building culture, this time following a EU-wide tender. As in the first report, once again I was member of the team of authors, this time in charge for the section on innovation.

Analysis of the contemporary condition of building culture in Austria, following three fields of interest: communal building culture; education buildings and building education; sustainability. Based on this, we developed a comprehensive collection of recommendations which shall work as a basis für future political measures and, indirectly, for the work of Plattform Baukultur.

Three mentoring groups and a project management were responsible for the three fields of interest. They decided about topics, authors, sources and the coordination between the three fields of interest. Development of work was discussed in the editorial board regularly.

The report on building culture was finished until the end of 2011 and was discussed in the council of ministers in December. After that, 6,000 copies were printed and presented to the public by secretary of state Ostermayer. A committee of the Austrian National Assembly and the National Assembly itself in a plenary session discussed the report. Based on its recommendations, the Advisory Board for Building Culture in 2013 set up two working groups to implement measures of architecture policy.

Why is it a reference project?
This is an exemplar for evidence-based work in architecture policy and it is can be seen representative for my long-lasting work in several institutional constellations in this field.

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Baugemeinschaft Wagnis 1 in München | Photo: RT Baugemeinschaft Wagnis 1 in München | Photo: RT