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Co|lo|phon [Greek κολοφων] m., in early manuscripts and early prints: note at the end with information on the author, scribe, place and year. Colophons are used until today and increasingly recently on websites to describe details of production. An editor well-known for his colophons is O’Reilly Media.

This website was developed by WebArtists.

The typeface used is Georgia, designed in 1996 by the typographer Matthew Carter for Microsoft. It was designed as a transitional serif especially for the use on computer screens. There are only few serif typefaces that work well on screens. This is one of them which in addition has a highly characteristic face in print, too – a rare combination. The font is contained in all Microsoft and Apple operating systems and as part of core fonts also available for free for other OS.
Serifs are not widely used in web design, but we decided to take one for this website since it contains several longer articles. The color scheme (black characters on slightly transparent white bars on dark grey background) shall allow for convenient readability.
The duplication of the background images tries on one hand (since they are background images, this is a bit paradoxical) to take away from them he character of pure illustrations; on the other hand, this reference to spatialiy, to 3-dimensional pictures shows what the central topic is here: space.

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The Making of Architecture | Photo: RT The Making of Architecture | Photo: RT