Robert Temel

Roofscape in Vienna 2003
Dachausbauten in der Stadtlandschaft – Ein Vergleich der Situation in Wien, Berlin, Prag, Budapest und München (Rooftop Extensions in the Cityscape. A Comparison between the Situation in Vienna, Berlin, Prague, Budapest and Munich), author of the study commissioned by the city of Vienna, Magistratsabteilung 19 – Architektur und Stadtgestaltung; the study can be bought at the city development webshop of the city of Vienna or downloaded as PDF in German (189 MB).
Rooftop extensions in 19th century districts are an important aspect of urban renewal. To be able to assess the specific situation in Vienna correctly, four other central European cities (Berlin, Prague, Budapest and Munich) were analyzed and compared concerning rooftop extensions.
Central topics were legal, political and economic aspects and design goals and steering tools of administrations. Based on a comprehensive picture collection which is published in part in the study, the five situations were evaluated. The study's goal was to formulate questions in relation to the roofscape and to add to the discussion among experts.

The Making of Architecture | Photo: RT The Making of Architecture | Photo: RT