Robert Temel

Robert Temel is researcher and writer with focus on architecture, urbanism and culture.


At the annual conference of SRL: Developing the city socially, using land socially (Vereinigung für Stadt-, Regional- und Landesplanung e.V., Berlin; Association of urban, regional and national planning, Berlin) from 19 to 21 October 2017 in Munich, I gave a lecture:

The city of Hamburg offered 2017 a prize, the Prize for building cooperatives, for the second time. I was chiarman of the judging panel.

As part of the Neubauer Kulturherbst 2017 on 28 September I organized and led a panel discussion in public space about Auf der Straße in Neubau 2027 (On the street in Neubau 2027):

At the Zusammen. Arbeit. Neu Marx (Working. Together. Neu Marx) workshop, which was part of the programme of Vienna Biennial 2017 (Robots. Work. Our Future), on 12 Sept. 2017, I gave a lecture on Cooperative living and working.

As a speaker of Plattform Baukulturpolitik (Platform architectural policy) I was interviewed on the occasion of the resolution of the board of ministers of Baukulturelle Leitlinien des Bundes (guidelines on building culture of the Austrian federal republic):

Vienna’s subsidized housing caught in the land price trap: article in the Wiener Zeitung of 28 June 2017 on subsidized housing and land price policy in Vienna.

The cooperative housing project Leuchtturm Seestadt (Lighthouse Seestadt Aspern) which I am in charge of for Die WoGen Wohnprojekte-Genossenschaft (collective housing cooperative) won a parcel at the tendering procedure at Seestadt Aspern!

My article Gestaltung statt Mitbestimmung. Die Wiener Sargfabrik als Musterprojekt urbanen Lebens (Design instead of Participation. The Vienna Sargfabrik as a Sample Project of Urban Life) in the catalogue of the exhibition Together! The New Architecture of the Collective is published.

Comprehensive article at on “Wohnen in der Leistbarkeitskrise” (Housing in an affordability crisis), citing me several times:

“Mixed use: Is that possible?”: article in Stadtbauwelt 211, 35/2016

Lecture Für eine reformistische Kritik (Apology of a reformist critique) at the international ÖGFA conference Kritik oder Krise. Haltung, Verantwortung, Widerspruch in Architektur und Stadtplanung (Critique or Crisis. Position, responsibility, contradiction in architecture and urban planning) on 15 October 2015 7 PM at Wiener Planungswerkstatt, Friedrich-Schmidt-Platz 9, 1010 Vienna.

Dachausbau | Photo: RT Dachausbau | Photo: RT